All About Oblates

Who Are Oblates?

Benedictine Oblates are lay persons who associate themselves with a Benedictine monastic community to share in their search for God. Oblates strive to incorporate Benedictine values and spirituality into their everyday lives, incorporating the Divine Office and reflection on Scripture as they are able.  They do not live in a religious community or take vows.  They and the members of the Abbey try to be of mutual support.  The Abbey hosts special days of prayer and reflection for Oblates twice a year.

Oblate Values

  • Oblates strive to be loyal and active members of Christ and His Church.
  • Oblates strive for their own continued Christian renewal and improvement.
  • Oblates strive to be men and women of practical spirituality.
  • Oblates strive to be men and women of prayer.
  • Oblates strive to be men and women of Christian virtue
  • Oblates foster a spirit of community.
  • Oblates are men and women of peace.

To read more about what it means to become an oblate, you can visit the Order of St. If you are interested in possibly becoming an Oblate with our community you can either complete our online inquiry form or contact our Director of Oblates at (405) 878-5490.