Days of Reflection Retreats at St. Gregory's Abbey


October 27, 2018
"Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening"

Presenter: Fr. Boniface Copelin, O.S.B.

Both men and women are seeking to understand what is their vocation in life:  Marriage, Religious Life, Priesthood, or Single life.  Most spend a good deal of time going it alone.  This day will be focused on the topic of discernment, presenting some tools and offering some suggestions for those who are seeking to hear the Lord's call.  Scholarships available.

Fr. Boniface has been a professed member of St. Gregory's since 2001. He has degrees in Philosophy, Zoology, and Theology from St. Anselm College, Ohio State University, and Sant' Anselmo respectively. He currently serves the community as Prior, Formation Director, and Vocation Director.


November 17, 2018
"The Spirituality of Knitting and Crocheting"

Presenter: Br. Damian Whalen, O.S.B.

The rhythm of knitting and crocheting can move our hearts and minds to a quiet place in God's presence and prayerful reflection.  The Day of Reflection is open to yarn crafters (women and men) of all ages and levels of experience.  Bring a knitting or crochet project and explore the connection between your prayers life and yarn crafting.

Br. Damian made monastic profession on August 20, 1976. He holds a doctorate in Business from Capella University, with an emphasis in organization and management. He serves in a number of roles in the monastic community, including as choir master, organist, and as a member of the Abbey Liturgy Committee.


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