Subprior Joachim Spexarth, O.S.B.

Father Joachim serves as Subprior of the monastery. In that role he serves as the presiding superior when the Abbot and Prior are away, and has responsibility for the management of the monastery facilities and grounds.

Fr. Joachim was born in Colwich, KS, and attended St. Gregory's High School. He made monastic profession of vows at St. Gregory's on July 11, 1960. Following studies at Conception Seminary College in Missouri and St. Gregory's Abbey, he was ordained to the priesthood on May 23, 1965. He subsequently earned a master's degree in Speech Communications from Oklahoma State University.

Fr. Joachim taught speech to generations of students at St. Gregory's College and University, retiring from full-time teaching in May 2016.   He also served for a time as a residence hall advisor in both Mark Braun and DeGrasse residence halls. In addition to his classroom teaching, Fr. Joachim serves on the Senior Council of the monastery and coordinates the Abbey’s weekend pastoral assistance to parishes throughout Oklahoma. He enjoys making weekend missionary journeys, most frequently serving the chapels at Ft. Sill Army Post and Altus Air Force Base. He has served for many years on the Priest's Council of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City and is a member of the Consultors for the Archdiocese. Along with these duties, Fr. Joachim finds time for ornamental gardening on the monastery grounds, trash pick-up on the roads surrounding the monastery property, and other forms of outdoor exercise.