Br. Andrew Raple O.S.B.

Brother Andrew was born in Andale, KS. He made monastic profession of vows on July 2, 1951. "Br. Andy" has been one of the most familiar faces to generations of students at St. Gregory's as he served in the Abbey food service for more than 45 years - helping to prepare and manage meals for both the monastery and the student body. He is an expert baker, noted for his breads and cakes. He extended warm Benedictine hospitality and friendship to countless guests of the monastery and had a special concern to help students with special events and extra treats that he would prepare for them. He was always very willing to go the extra mile for students, whether it meant preparing a late night breakfast during final exams or a picnic to celebrate the conclusion of the academic year. Br. Andy made the hard work of the kitchen a much desired position to the hundreds of students who worked under his direction. As a sign of gratitude for his devotion, students chose him as the "Most Inspirational Staff Member" of St. Gregory's at least five times. He also received the St. Gregory's University Legacy Award. A must-stop for many alumni returning to campus is a visit with Br. Andy.

Br. Andrew is incredibly talented in the greenhouse, where he raises orchids, long-stem roses, Easter lilies and poinsettias for Christmas. Several parishes have purchased poinsettias and lilies from his stock. He is as a craftsman of wood - making many special designs for clocks, wall-hangings, crucifixes and various other items. He is in charge of the bell towers on campus and keeps official meteorological records. Br. Andrew has been hatching wild game birds in recent years and currently keeps a flock of geese, colorful fish in a large aquarium and a dog named Lacey. He is known for his keen observation of the world about him and for his dry sense of humor.