Br. Kevin McGuire O.S.B.

Brother Kevin was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and was a member of St. Francis of Assisi Parish. He attended St. Gregory's High School, along with two of his brothers. After his graduation in 1957, Br. Kevin entered the novitiate at St. Gregory's Abbey and made monastic profession of vows on July 11, 1958. He was formally instituted into the ministry of Reader in 2007.

Br. Kevin loves the outdoors and has worked tirelessly to beautify the grounds of St. Gregory's Abbey and University by planting hundreds of trees and building a campus irrigation system. He has served almost continuously as the maintenance manager of the St. Gregory's Abbey automotive fleet and has been available to provide car maintenance for students, alumni and friends. Br. Kevin is very creative in the auto-shop, the machine shop and in the maintenance of the grounds on campus. During the 1980’s he single-handedly cleaned and re-pointed Benedictine Hall and the Abbey Church with a device he built that used among other things an office chair, ropes and an El Camino. Perhaps his most widely known project is the motorcycle he built from "repurposed" parts and aptly named "Recycled Grace." The motorcycle has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles and has been featured in several publications. In recent years, he has been crafting special bluebird houses from fallen braches of the mature red cedar trees on the campus.  The birdhouses are given as gifts and to auctions that support charitable causes.

Br. Kevin is especially devoted to maintaining the cemetery at St. Gregory's Abbey and lovingly oversees the burial preparations for the deceased monks of our community, as well as for the oblates and friends who have made arrangements to be interred at St. Gregory's. Beloved by many, Br. Kevin maintains frequent contact and correspondence with thousands of alumni and friends.