Summer Retreats 2017 at St. Gregory's Abbey

June 9-11, 2017
Praying beyond 'saying' prayers.

Presenter: Fr. Boniface Copelin, O.S.B.

We all learn to pray by saying prayers. It is a handy way to begin. But eventually we feel a need to get beyond formulas and routines and move into a prayer life which becomes more personal. During these days of retreat we will look at ways to find deeper meaning in the formula prayers which we learn in life as well as some ways to move prayer toward the realm of relationship rather then mere rote memorization.

Fr. Boniface has been a professed member of St. Gregory's since 2001. He has degrees in Philosophy, Zoology and Theology from St. Anselm College, Ohio State University, and Sant' Anselmo respectively. He currently serves the community as Prior, Formation Director and Vocation Director.


June 30-July 2, 2017
Mercy beyond the Year.

Presenter: Abbot Lawrence Stasyszen, O.S.B.

The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy ended on the Solemnity of Christ the King, November 20, 2017. It was a time to focus on the gift of God's Mercy and the Christian vocation to extend that mercy to others. But what have we done with the message of the Jubilee Year? Have we set it aside along with the designated Holy Doors? Abbot Lawrence will return to the themes of the Jubilee Year of Mercy and explore the Benedictine spirituality assist us in living the message of Mercy in the realities of daily life.

Abbot Lawrence made monastic profession on July 11, 1985. He was ordained to the priesthood on August 6, 1994. He holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology with an emphasis on Monastic Studies from Pontifical Athenaeum of St. Anselm, the Benedictine university in Rome. He served for eight years as the President of St. Gregory's University and remains on the theology faculty. He was elected as the tenth Abbot of St. Gregory's Abbey on January 6, 2006.


July 28-30, 2017
A People on the Way.

Presenter Fr. Charles Buckley, O.S.B.

In the Constitution Lumen Gentium the Second Vatican Council developed the image of the Church as a "pilgrim community." A pilgrim differs from a tourist in that the pilgrim's journey is both external and interior. The exterior journey is the movement through space and time to a destination. The interior journey concerns the search for ultimate meaning and spiritual benefit. The pilgrim has a spiritual end in mind and not simply the visit to a destination. The retreatant will be invited to reflect on the journey of her/his life through reflection on the film The Way, some passages from To the Field of Stars, Fr. Kevin Codd,s journal from his pilgrimage to Siantiago de Campostella, and her/his own life.

Fr. Charles made monastic profession on August 15, 1966, and was ordained to the priesthood on June 20, 1970. He holds a doctorate in Mathematics Education from Columbia University. He serves as assistant vocation director for St. Gregory's Abbey and professor of mathematics, in St. Gregory's University, where he has taught for 40 years.